My name is Kimera, and I'm a 21 year old photographer. I love traveling, the warm sun on a cold day, indie movies, and dark chocolate. I have an amazing Husband, awesome parents and siblings, and my trusty camera who I named Molly. Memories and feelings are usually what I thrive on, and ever since I was young enough to appreciate the beauty and quiet comfort that everything on this earth has to offer, I have wanted to document what my eyes are seeing, and store it in my mind's treasure chest. Photography lets me do this.  

My family is so very important to me, and it's important for me to capture those moments that I know I loved as a child; the tickle fights with my parents or the books that my Mom would read to my brother and I, or welcoming a new baby sister or brother into the pack. 

Families start with two people who are in love, and crazy about each other. There is a closeness and unspoken pact to love each other and care for each other. I love the kisses, hugs, mouth-wide-open laughs, and a meaningful touch on the cheek or the waist. From the engagement photos to the newborn photos, to the family of four photos to the senior photos, I want to be there to help preserve those moments in time.

I will capture the love that you have for your spouse, your children, your siblings, or even your pets.  If my eyes and camera can be the vessel that brings you those memories and that happiness, I would be honored. 

Photo taken by Austin Gonzalez


Quality One-On-One Time

Want to grab lunch or coffee? Let's chat and get to know one another! We can talk about collaborations or sessions, how we can help each other, something you're excited or stressed about, the meaning of life, or anything else. I'm a great listener! 


Places I would love to shoot at:

In the states

- Grand Canyon, AZ

- Sedona, AZ

-  Joshua Tree National Park, CA

- Yosemite National Park, CA

- Yellowstone National Park, WY

- Mt. Massive Wilderness Area, CO

- Zion National Park, UT

- Mt. Hood National Forest, OR



- New Zealand

- Scotland 

- Ireland 

- Finland

- Norway

- Greece 

- Peru

My husband & travel buddy, Austin.


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