Halloween Shoot


Things don't always go according to plan. 


    Kirsten and I started caking makeup on our faces around noon. We were on a mission; to look as sickly and vampire-esc as possible. We played music and ate chicken nuggets to fuel us. After half an hour, we were done with makeup, and we put on black clothes, boots, and jewelry. Kirsten put on her homemade velvet cloak, and I put on my $20 halloween store cape.

    The place we were going to go was in the Paseo District, where a neighborhood of victorian style houses sits comfortably among trees and wire gates. The perfect setting for a halloween themed photoshoot (other than a graveyard, of course). Kirsten just had to put on her vampire teeth, and then we could be on our way. 

    But, like I said, things don't always go according to plan. The weather radar was showing a big patch of rain heading our way within the hour. To go along with this, Kirsten's vampire teeth were not sticking properly. We came up with a game plan, which was to walk around the neighborhood, and then go to the graveyard close by. 

     We went outside, (by this time I had decided to ditch my cape and put on my leather jacket), and I took pictures of fangless Kirsten in her truck. I was only able to get a handful before it started sprinkling. 

    To be quite honest, we were both bummed. We hadn't gotten to do what we had planned on doing for the better part of a couple weeks. We sat in her room and tried to think of what we could do instead. But we what we ended up doing was moping, until we went to get lunch and Starbucks. 

    Later on, we met up with my brother, some friends of Kirsten's and her two cousins for the evening. We ate at Chick Fil A, bought candy and drinks at Five Below (it's basically a higher-end Dollar General), and went back to the house to hang out and eat peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. 

     So yes, our plans were spoiled and we were thoroughly bummed, but I managed to get a few good pictures, and we had a good evening with our friends.