Missouri Trip pt. 1

    On November 25th at about 8 am, we set out for Seligman, Missouri. My parents and sister, Sarah, in their car, and my brothers and I in my car. 

    Because I was driving, I wasn't able to take pictures until we reached Arkansas, when my brother and I switched places. But I can describe what I saw while driving through eastern Oklahoma. Red, brown, and orange trees lined each side of the highway. The trees in the distance seemed to be covered with a light layer of morning fog. Long shadows were cast on the grass and highway, while the sky was bright blue and cloudless. My brother, Josh, put in his Kendrick Lamar CD, and recited the words while I laughed at his enthusiasm. 

    Once we got to Arkansas, I started taking pictures. There were more hills that were covered with red and brown trees. Right around Gateway is where it started to get cloudy and a little foggy. 

The rest area that we stopped at. My dad wanted to get a picture of me with the Arkansas sign. 

    We arrived around 1 in the afternoon, and spent the evening outside running around and throwing the baseball. The golden hour light, gravel road, and field made for a good background for strait-on portraits.  

    Then, I walked to the neighbor's fence to look at their horse and cows. The horse stayed closer to the house for a while, but finally came closer to me. The cows came over to the fence and let me take their pictures.