Paseo District

    Oklahoma City has become more popular for certain locations, like Bricktown, The Chesapeake Energy Arena where the Thunder play their home basketball games, and The Myriad Botanical Gardens. I've been to all of these places, which are all really nice for photo-shoots, but I have never been to The Paseo District. I had heard a little bit about the area from my uncle who had been there a couple months ago, but I still didn't know too much about it. I decided I wanted to scope out the area for potential photo-shoots, and to explore OKC a bit more.

    Josh, Kirsten, and I drove to the district not really knowing what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised though. With pastel buildings and a curved street running through, the area grew on my pretty quickly. We stepped into a shop (I forget the name of it now, ugh!) and looked around at the interesting jewelry and smelled the incense and candles. We also went into two out of the four or five art galleries that were there.

    We then took pictures on the door step of an art gallery that was closed. The building had a blue roof, and cream colored walls, and french windows. The frames around the doorways and windows were brown-red, and the steps up to the door were dark red and brown. It's one of my favorite buildings there. Josh and Kirsten posed for me, and did an awesome job. Afterward, we walked over to neighborhood street that was right across from the Paseo District, and took pictures there. By this time, the clouds had completely covered the sky, and it was about 4:00 in the afternoon.