Lookbook Series

      Within the last couple months, I have been working on a look book project with Kirsten Patterson. I had been wanting to make a book/zine for a while, but I finally felt the push I needed to get started on a project.

    I asked Kirsten if she wanted to work on one together, and she happily agreed. We met up at her house one afternoon without a concept of what the book would be about. I already had an idea to make a look book specifically for my own black and white photos that I fell in love with, and a separate book with Kirsten and I's photos. But those two ideas got put together once we had the cover made. Everything took off, and we came up with idea after idea. Later that same evening, we ordered our first copies.

    Our book, G.O.N.E.R., is a collection of black and white photos taken by Kirsten and myself. The pictures are of our friends, and a couple of my self portraits. To accompany these pictures, there are eerie and somewhat dark quotes that add a little bit of context to the book.

    We wanted this book to have a certain feeling of reflection and existentialism when looked through. We both have left a lot of things up to interpretation, so we are not quite sure how people will react, but we are both proud of our work nonetheless.

    The G.O.N.E.R. Series will start with G.O.N.E.R., then continue on with L.I.A.R., H.U.N.G.R.Y., S.I.C.K., and A.F.R.A.I.D. being the last book. We are ready to sell G.O.N.E.R., and put it out into the world.

    I'm so glad I have been able to work on this project with Kirsten. we both have different things to offer to this series, and with both of us working together, I'm very confident in what we're trying to accomplish.

    I hope that this series will inspire young artists to pursue their ideas, dreams, and goals. And I hope everyone that sees this look book will be able to take something with them, whatever that may be.

    If you would like to follow the progress of the series, buy G.O.N.E.R., or view Kirsten's website, there are links below.