Moving Out

    This month has been busy.

    Who am I kidding, every month is busy. But this time around, I moved out of the the house I have spent 12 years of my life in, and into my Grandparent's house. The change of environment is nice, and I am enjoying my own room.

    I still miss my parents and siblings, and my bedroom with dark purple walls that looked beautiful in the morning when the sunlight hit them. I miss the big living room that felt more welcoming after it was painted a pale yellow. I miss being kept in the loop of what everyone had planned for the day. And I miss waking up to my dad playing loud music over the speakers he has in the living room. 

    I think what I'll miss the most is spending the autumn and winter months in that house. We have had some pretty bad winters, and even a bad Halloween. But I have never felt more cozy and safe than when I was living in that house with my family. 

    But I am liking it here with my Grandparents. Every Friday night I will attempt to make dinner for the three of us. When I come home from work, Grandma and Grandpa are usually watching West Wing, and Grandma asks me how work went. And if I can help out around the house while I'm here, I definitely want to. My Grandparents are a little more involved in my life right now, and I like that.