Moving Out / Life Update

    Today is the third of October, and the time is 10:03 am. The wind is rustling the leaves on the tree that towers over mine and my neighbor's lawn. Zander, my roommate's cat, has curiously wondered in and out of my room, walking over to the closet, and sniffing the boxes I haven't finished emptying yet.

    If you couldn't tell by the title of this blog post, I have moved out of my Grandparent's house! And I thought it was about time for a bit of a "Life Update". 

The Move

    Back in July, I had met with my roommate to see the house and talk about the possibility of me moving in. As soon as I stepped into the house, I knew that I wanted to live here. The living room and kitchen were open and connected. A small couch and TV sat in the living room, with a shelf for her record player. Light leaked in from the curtains over the window, and the kitchen was fully lit with the evening sun. My roommate and I had met up a few times after that, and around the middle of September, I started packing.

    One night, I was packing, and remembered when I first moved into my Grandparent's house. I remembered the initial excitement, but also all of the memories that I had in that room and in that house. It almost seemed unreal that I was going to be moving in just a few weeks. I picked up my camera and started taking photos. 

Getting Settled

    October 1st, I moved in, and started getting settled. I used my car key to rip through the tape on the boxes, while listening to music. I had to take breaks of course, because I am very unfit and I was very hungry. I also went to the store to get groceries and laundry soap. The Walmart that I went to is really close to the house, which is pretty nice. When I came back, I loaded my groceries, and made Tortellini with pasta sauce. I used my roommates adorable brass pots, painted blue on the outside and white on the inside. After dinner, we sat at the dining table and talked. I munched on dark chocolate chips. 

    Soon after, my brother and his fiancĂ© stopped by to drop off a shelf that we couldn't get to the house earlier, and we all visited for a while. After they left, my roommate played some of her records for me. 

    I spent this morning unpacking more boxes, and filling up my closet with fall and winter clothes, shoes, and bags. I filled my dresser, and cleared a space on top to put things on. 

Other News

    In other news, I have more photos coming out in the Metro Family Magazine, which is super exciting, and I'll be talking about those experiences in my next blog post! I am also planning on photographing some of South Moore's band performances and practices. I have photographed a football game or the band that plays during half-time, but I am very excited to be doing something a bit different.

    Also, I will be selling my nature and travel prints at Art Walk, which is an art show held in Norman every second Friday of the month. Stores and shops can participate by letting artists set up their work in their buildings. I will be set up in Bigfoot Creative, a really cool screen printing shop. Here is the info if you are interested in going! 

    This is more personal news, but I am in a relationship now. This means no more being single jokes, and navigating the waters of having a significant other, and being someone else's significant other. I think we are doing pretty good. It's been a great first month, but he has been traveling all over the country for his job, and while I'm glad he is getting to do one of the things that he loves, which is traveling, I miss him a great deal and I know he misses me too. His friend said that we are in a long distance relationship, even though we live in the same state. It's very true.

    And lastly, my 20th birthday is a little less than a month away. I'm not sure how to feel about it, but then again, I'm not sure about a lot of things.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this! This past weekend has been crazy busy, but I'm back at it again!