19 Things At 19

    Tomorrow, I turn 20. It's crazy to think that I'll be out of the teens and in the 20's, but, here I am. This year has been... long and emotional. So many things have happened since this time last year. Not just to me, but my friends and family. I'm sure they have mixed feelings about 2017 as well. But, amongst all of the hardest parts of this year, I've had quite a few memorable experiences that bring a smile to my face. I am so thankful to be where I'm at now. I truly believe that I have grown and learned so much. 

    I decided to make a list of notable things that I have learned in the past few years. When I first had the idea for this blog post, I was just going to type out the list and leave it at that. But earlier this morning, I decided to write them in my journal so that that I could always have it there, and so that you guys could see my sloppy handwriting, ha! Anyway, here are 19 things I have learned at 19.

  1. Sometimes it is necessary to lose important people in your life, in order to know what it was like to really have them.
  2. Tell your friends and family when they have upset/hurt you.
  3. Time heals everything, but everything takes time; have patience.
  4. Keep your favorite pieces of clothing even after you've grown out of them. Your kids may want to see them someday.
  5. Kindness and compassion keeps you human. 
  6. Everything takes work.
  7. It's okay to be angry, but don't let your anger linger for longer than it has to. Don't let you anger turn into bitterness.
  8. Treasure the childhood memories you have, even if the people in them have changed.
  9. Whether the situation is good or bad, there will always be a reaction from other people.
  10. You can't control other people's reactions or feelings.
  11. Call and confirm your appointments !!!
  12. Praying helps, you should do it more often.
  13. Phone calls with your Significant Other can really make your day/night a lot better.
  14. It is perfectly okay to be happy. Even if it doesn't last very long.
  15. Drink. More. Water.
  16. Keep lists of your favorite names, words, places, etc. 
  17. Writing in your journal can really help.
  18. Go to church, whenever you can.
  19. Don't feel guilty for things that are out of your control.