Pappy Family

    In late October, I was given the assignment of photographing Rachel Pappy, for a "Day In The Life" feature for Metro Family Magazine. Rachel and I worked out a time and day for me to come to her house and get an idea of the lighting conditions and environment. It was a sunny but pretty windy day, so we both decided that having the shoot indoors would be the best option. After planning the shoot, Rachel and I sat down for about 20 minutes and I asked her to tell me more about herself. She told me about her business that she co-owns, her children's school and tutoring, and her husband. I left her home feeling incredibly excited for the shoot that would happen a week from then.

    The evening of the shoot was cloudy and cold. When I showed up to the house again, Rachel's friend was there, and she had brought with her a few light stands with umbrellas to defuse the light, and helped Rachel with occupying the kids. We started in the living room, where the family decorated their Christmas tree. Then we moved to the kitchen, where they made a pumpkin pie. 


    The Pappy family was so fun and wonderful to work with. If you'd like to read her feature, you can find it online, or in Crest, Homeland, and more