Mandolin / Studio Shoot

    Earlier in November, Rise Coworking announced that they were going to be opening their photography studio to photographers and videographers during the cold months of November and December. Rise isn't currently open to the public (except the studio of course), but their grand opening is January 8th, 2018! 

    I have never worked in a studio, so this was a quite new for me. I have shot indoors with natural and artificial lighting, but this was different. When we arrived we were shown to the studio by Jordan, one of the owners of Rise. The studio had one window facing west, perfect for catching the sunset light. The rest of the spacious studio was shadier. We closed the glass doors and played music on my phone, and got to work.


    When we took the following photos, it was at this point that we realized the shoot was taking a different direction, and the vibe was changing into a witchy and more artistic one. We took this and ran with it, later getting closer to the harsher lighting, which made things a lot more dramatic.

    I had also brought my Polaroid SX-70 camera, with black and white film. We thought that this medium would be very good, if not the best, to portray the witchy and mysterious vibes that we had been holding on to.