Mandolin / Bricktown

    On March 23rd, Mandolin and I went to Bricktown for a photoshoot. The original plan that I had was to walk along side the big buildings and streets that make up Downtown OKC. But, on our way to the buildings, we went through Bricktown. I had decided to split my time between Bricktown and Downtown, but Mandolin's outfit seemed to say otherwise. Her olive green skirt, black shirt and black leggings, and her dark blue Converse shoes seemed to compliment the earthy tones that were all around us. So we stayed in Bricktown until it was too dark to take anymore pictures, then went into Sonic for something to snack on.  

    As we were standing in front of a tree that had Korean Spice flowers on it (PLEASE, correct me if I'm wrong, I'm no flower expert), I had the idea to put some in Mandolin's French braid. They were a lovely touch. 

    When we thought we were done, we headed to Sonic and passed the bushes we were standing in front of earlier, only this time it was lit up by a big garden light. I had Mandolin cozy up by the bushes and face the light. I wanted to crawl into the other bush, where I saw an opening, but it looked like it might be too small, and I was wearing one of my favorite cardigan. But Mandolin triple-dog dared me to crawl in (I asked her to dare me so that I'd have to), and I did! I was able to get these very interesting photos. 

    This shoot was so fun, and Mandolin did and amazing job modeling for me!