Maria / Andrews Park

    Maria, Sarah, and I set out for Andrew's Park. The sky was covered with clouds, and Maria was concerned that we would get rained out. Anyone who lives in Oklahoma knows that the spring months, mainly the month of May, reek havoc on any outdoor plans. 

    While it was windy, we weren't rained out. The wind was a cool affect to the photos, giving Maria's untamable hair a bit of personality. She nailed the serious poses that I wanted, and with the help of Sarah's silly improvised songs, Maria broke out into laughter.   

    Sarah made her way into the photos. The two of them did great together.

    Once we were done at the park, we still had some time to kill, so we headed to Main Street to see what we could find. I figured that Maria was a little burnt out on the strait faced and serious poses, so I threw in some silly ones to keep her entertained a little bit, and we came up with some quirky photos.