MO Summer Trip / Day Two / Roaring River

    For my second day in Missouri, we went to Roaring River State Park. The road was winding and very hill-y (is that even a word?... no it's not, but it'll do). The park was crowded, but once we had finally found a parking space and a bench to set our lunches on, we could relax and explore the river. 

    I was really awe-struck at how clear the water was. In Oklahoma, a large majority of the lakes are man-made, so they are brown and murky. I loved being able to see the rocks that I was stepping on, and it was a lot easier to tell how deep the water was. Lily and Keira had a great time in the river, splashing each other and jumping into the water. 

    Later, I walked the trail with Lily, my Aunt Janice, and her dog Pearl. Lot's of people were fishing, and when we reached the fish hatchery, there were quite a few little kids  running around with their parents close behind them. We ended our walk at the source, where the water was dripping out of the rocks and falling down into the river. 

    Overall, a very fun and beautiful outing, not to mention the soft-serve ice cream that we had after we had left.

    I'm very grateful to my Aunt Janice and Uncle Kenny, for letting me stay with them, and feeding me some delicious food. My Aunt Janice, my cousins Dana, Lily, and Keira were all really fun to be with. I really needed this trip, for the sights, the independence, and most importantly, time with my family from afar.