Mt. Scott + More

     Austin and I headed out for Mt. Scott on July 15th. We were surrounded by clouds, and the closer we got to Lawton, the darker they got. We ran into rain twice, once on the highway, and again in Medicine Park. We decided to drive to all of our destinations, and our first stop was at the small waterfall in Medicine Park. It was muggy, and the rain had just stopped. Austin was eager to explore, and climb the rocks. I, being too chicken, stood by and watched. 

    Medicine Park

It literally took us 15-20 minutes to cross that dam, because I was a scaredy cat 

The Holy City

    The first thing that Austin and I noticed when we stepped outside of the car was how quiet it was. We could hear conversations from 100 feet away, but there was no running water, no highway or gravel road, and hardly any wind. It was eerie at first, and I was glad that we weren't the only ones there. 

Mt. Scott

    Going up Mt. Scott was an awesome experience. Well, all of it was awesome, but this was really awesome. On our way up, we stopped by the side of the road two times, to admire the view. The first stop had me smiling and saying "wow", and filled me with content and happiness.  Of course, Austin had to climb on the rocks, which made me nervous, but also entertained. 

For this shot, I sat on a huge rock that looked over this field. I sat and gazed at the hazy hills and fields, but eventually had to get off the rock because the hight was starting to freak me out. 

This made me very, very nervous, but he got the photo he wanted. Anything for the shot 

This couple was sitting at the very edge of the rock, and I asked them for permission to take their photo. I thought this photo was cuter than the one of them sitting.

    We moved to a spot that had amazing winds sweeping across the mountain, and we both stood for about five minutes and let it hit us. It was cool, and I felt it surround me. I braced myself on a rock, planting my feet down as if they were in cement, and let the wind hit me strait-on. I closed my eyes and stretched out my arm as I smiled, occasionally opening my eyes to see the edge of the mountain and the lake below it. 

    We watched the sun set behind storm clouds, then headed back to the car to begin our drive back home. 

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