5 Favorite Instagram Accounts

    This blog post is going to be a little different, but I'm excited to talk about 5 of my favorite Instagram accounts! 

    There are a ton of photographers and other amazing creatives that I follow, so it was hard to pick just five for this post. But I narrowed it down to a nice selection, and I might even pick 5 more accounts to talk about later on. 

    So, let's start! 


1. @seekthelight

    SeekTheLight is a great photography community created by the always rad Trey Cockrum, who runs SeekTheLight's Facebook page. Peter Bartausky runs the Instagram page, and he always seems to find something that he loves about the photo and artist he's featuring. He is also interactive with his followers. The photos themselves are always beautiful, and Peter does a nice job finding the photos and making sure the tones coordinate with each other. 

    Instagram - Facebook 


2. @at.las_

    Rachel is so cool. Her photos are beautiful, and they have a lot of emotion. I can almost feel the warm sun on my skin, the same sun that her subjects are feeling. Also, her personality seems to be just as warm. 

    Instagram - Website


3. @mybestfriendhank

    Do I even need to explain????

    Hank is a mini pig, residing very happily in New Orleans. This little dude is so curious and high on life. He puts a smile on my face every time I see him. 

    Instagram - Website


4. @rubyjamesphoto

    Ruby is an insanely talented photographer who I've following for quite a while. All of her models are gorgeous, and her editing work is so dreamy and whimsical. She also uses a lot of star emojis in her captions, which is a big plus. 

    Instagram - Website


5. @anastasia.tasou

    Ana is an awesome illustrator from England. Her art is beautiful, unique, and honestly really aesthetically pleasing. She has illustrated works of the moon and space, but she also draws plants and tired eyes. She is also so caring of her followers, and encourages them. 

    Instagram - Website 


    Thank you guys for reading, and go check out all of these wonderful Instagram accounts!