Horse Clinic / Redlands Arena

    On September 2nd, I woke up around 6am to drive to the Redlands Arena in El Reno. Alicia Little invited me to photograph a Horse Clinic that she had put together. Carlos Carniero, a head trainer in California, traveled to Oklahoma for the Clinic. 

    I am not a country type of person, I'm not a horse person, and I'm not too much of an animal person. So, I showed up to the arena in a t-shirt, skinny jeans, and Vans. I felt a little silly, but ultimately, I didn't care and was too busy stepping through the thick dirt in the ring. I had a lot of fun watching the riders and trainers work together, and the beautiful horses. I felt focused and determined. I purposefully only brought my 85mm prime lens, which definitely restricted me, but made me think through my shots even more. The florescent lighting mixed with a lens filter made for some challenging lighting, but I'm pretty happy with the results. 

Tarrin Warren

Dawson Warren

Alicia Little, talking with another photographer who had stayed for the morning portion of the Clinic. 

Ashlyn Dilldine

Alicia Little, watching the riders. 

Alicia Little, watching the riders. 

Linda Frazier 

Tamera Mayo

    A big thank you to Alicia for letting me come to the Clinic and get these photos!