Downtown During Golden Hour

    There is something so nice about the evening sun shining on buildings, sidewalks, and bushes. I walked through the Myriad Gardens in downtown OKC, and photographed as I went.

    There is a phrase, "soak up the sun" that I've always somewhat disliked because I assumed that the sunlight that people were basking in was harsh, summer sun. You know the kind I'm talking about, when it's 2 pm and 180 degrees (not literally, but that's what it feels like), and the sunglasses are slowly slipping down your nose because of the sweat. 

    I never really realized that it didn't have to be harsh, blinding, and overpowering. The evening sun is soft, golden, and warm. It's the kind of warm that you can feel in your chest and resting gently on your skin. The kind that you see on the walls of your house, or in your rear-view mirror, or on the buildings in your town. 

    I walked and soaked up the evening sun. 

I found these flowers and couldn't stop myself from taking a million photos of them.