Kevin & Kelsey / The Hidden Porch

     I know this blog post is waayy late, but here it is! On July 8th, I second shot at a wedding for Visually Bias Photography. We arrived at The Hidden Porch around 4 pm. We walked along the stone path up to the big Cabin/Chapel that was neatly tucked away in the the tall trees. When went inside the Chapel, we found the bridal party in an room with yellow walls and warm lamps. The bride sat in her silk robe and watched everyone scurry around, with a smile on her face.

    I was tasked with photographing the Groomsmen in their room, which was down the hall. They were quite the lively bunch. The Best Man had his phone sitting on the coffee table, playing music. The Groom, Kevin, sat quietly in a leather chair, laughing at whatever silliness was going on. Then, the rest of the Groomsmen entered the room, and everyone seemed to get a little rowdier. Their boutonnieres arrived shortly after, and they all fumbled around trying to attach them to their vests without poking each other with the long needles. It was quite entertaining. 


The Ceremony


Candids During Family Photos


The Reception