Little Family / In-Home Session

    Do you ever get second-hand I-really-wanna-take-a-nap-with-my-boo feelings? Well I did while shooting this session. It was a relaxed Saturday afternoon, around 11am. Stenia put the kettle on the stove to make some hot lemon water, and Ray came into the kitchen. They were all wearing sweatpants and t-shirts, which made this session even more relaxing to shoot. Ray kept insisting throughout the shoot that they act natural, and only do things they would naturally do. He was joking of course, but it was exactly what I wanted to capture during the shoot. 

    We started on the living room couch, the couple looking at each other and sprinkling bits of "So what are today's plans?" types of conversations. Then they moved to the dining table, where they played a quick game of cards. Stenia won, her smile of success showing in the photos. Then, they hung out in the kitchen, hoisting their daughter up onto the counter and cuddling before I got photos of the two of them. We finished in the bedroom, where they lay in bed under the covers. The tickling and giggling with their daughter ensued soon after.