Kara / At-Home Session

    In previous posts I have mentioned my roommate, Kara, but never actually posted any photos. Well, this is her! Earlier in January I asked her to model for me. She was a little unsure at first, but she agreed. 

Look I

    We started shooting in the kitchen with the first outfit, which was a really cool yellow dress. The way she did her hair, combined with her black tights and the cutesy kitchen gave me a slight 70's vibe. 

Look II

    We decided to change outfits, and head outside to the backyard. By this time, we were both a little more relaxed, and the excitement over the outfit was definitely in the air. I told Kara to twirl around, and not care if anyone saw her. I also loved the detail of her locket, and her flow-y hair, so I snagged some detail shots.

Look III

    We loved the skirt, boots, tights, and cardigan, but we decided to jazz the whole outfit up, and take it to the next level (I sound a bit dorky right now, but I don't care because we are both SO jazzed about this shoot). So, Kara grabbed her hat and switched out her cardigan for a looser and and more "carefree" one. This was a killer combo, giving the whole shoot a bohemian vibe, which Kara is all about. 

    I also felt like this outfit and the photos I got with it really showcased her personality. Her candid laughs and smiles, her glowing character, and the outfit she was definitely enjoying. She looks so effortless and carefree in these upcoming photos, including look IV.

Look IV

    As if we couldn't add to or change the outfit any more, we decided to try out some glasses. Kara dug through her vanity drawers and pulled out three pairs. This pair was the winning choice. We went back into the backyard, but on my way out I saw the sunset, and knew I couldn't not take advantage of the beautiful light it was emitting. We went through the house, and out the front door. I got these photos, which I absolutely love (along with the other of course). 

    Kara killed this shoot, and we both had so much fun. I loved hearing her excitement as I showed her the photos in between poses, and when she kept saying how she loved the outfit. Later, when I gave her the finished photos, she said that it made her day. I replied that it was my job to make peoples' day, and that couldn't be any further from the truth.