Life Update / Marriage & Our First Apartment

Earlier in August I wrote about our trip to Mt. Scott and Austin proposing. It’s been so crazy since then with all of the planning and dreaded but necessary adult errands. But now that the chaos has subsided, I wanted to do another life update!

Austin and I got married on October 4th, at my church. It was a smaller (and much cheaper) wedding, which was perfect for us. Since I was a young girl, I’ve known that I wanted my Grandpa to be the one to marry me and whoever I fell in love with. We asked him to be our officiant, and he said “I’d be glad to, hun.” Our family and close friends all came to support us, everyone smiling and a few people tearing up. After we walked down the isle and out the front door, we stood smiling at each other and unable to say anything for a few moments except for “You’re so beautiful” and “ You’re so handsome”.

Austin and I felt so in love and happy.

A lot of times, I feel like all of the hard work that goes into a wedding doesn’t always get proper credit. We were blessed with so many people helping us. We had our family helping us with the wedding. Austin’s Dad smoked a pork roast and made pulled pork (which had me drooling because it was so good), my cousin made our wedding cake which was soooo pretty and also had me drooling, my parents and church family brought side dishes, my parents and one of Austin’s friends helped us get all the tables and chairs that we rented to the church and then returned the next day. My sister in law (who feels like my actual sister as the days go on) coordinated and helped plan the wedding shower and wedding, along with setting everything up the night before.

The first three days of living in the new apartment were so busy with getting things moved in, we were exhausted by the end of the day, just to do it all over again the next day. But it was so fun to do all of that with him. We set up the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom with all our cute things, and our apartment started to feel more like home. We also put Halloween lights in our front window, and I can see it from the street, which makes me happy. Our living room is full of boxes right now, but we’ll get those unpacked soon and eventually get a couch and coffee table.

Today marks a week of being married, and I’ve been shown amazing love and compassion from my Husband in these past seven days. As soon Monday came around, I became stressed and mental health struggles made their way back into my head. But Austin swooped in and was there for me, like a husband should be.

My heart is full, happy, content, and grateful.

Above photos taken by Charlie Barton, edited by me.