Brooke Smoot / Guthrie

These photos are kind of long overdue, but I’m so happy to be sharing them finally! Sometime around late summer, Brooke and I planned a shoot in Little Sahara for early October. The day before our shoot, the weather was looking pretty unfavorable, so we decided to go up to Guthrie, where Brooke is from. We met up at one of our favorite coffee shops in Moore, then made our way up to Guthrie. One of Brooke's friends, Jordan, tagged along with us and was basically our tour guide while we roamed around downtown Guthrie in the drizzle and chilly air.

After we took photos in the garden, we decided we wanted some hot chocolate, so we walked over to the adorable and quite popular coffee shop called Hoboken Coffee Roasters. They were kind enough to let me grab some photos of Brooke in their unique space.

We made our way back to the car, and Jordan showed us her parent’s Bed & Breakfast that own. The b&b was very cool, with vintage furniture, carpets, walls, and everything else. The rooms and hallway had a slightly eerie vibe to them, which was perfect for the photos that we had talked about getting. While the following photos are quite moody and eerie, we could hardly stop laughing at Brooke and Jordan’s banter.

You can find Brooke Here: Website / Instagram