Jeff & Kara / Surprise Proposal

   In late January, my roommate's boyfriend Jeff, messaged me asking if I could photograph his proposal to Kara. I agreed of course, and we began planning the surprise proposal. I asked Kara if her and Jeff wanted to "model" for me at Will Roger's Park. She excitedly agreed, and Kara and I started planning the shoot. She had no idea, and I almost slipped up a couple times, but I didn't thankfully. 

    So at the shoot, I started as I normally would, directing the couple and going to a few spots that I had my eye on. Kara and Jeff's families were hiding in the parking lot, waiting for texts from me or Jeff to get the okay to come into the park. 

    So by this point, I had them stand back-to-back. This was Jeff's cue.

    Both families were watching from across the park, and as soon as the two started to kiss each other, the crowd erupted into cheers and applause. The family came over to hug and talk with each other. Soon after, Kara wanted photos in front of the gazebo that we saw when we first walked into the park.  

    The shoot and proposal went so perfectly. I'm so happy for my roommate!