Red Rock Canyon / Pt. 1

    The last road trip I went on with Austin was to Mount Scott when were were just "friends". It took us about six months since we started dating to go on another road trip together. But it finally happened! My mind and body was needing a little adventure with fresh air to breathe in, the earth under my feet, and his hand to hold.

    The drive to Red Rock Canyon lasted about an hour or so, but only felt like thirty minutes. Oklahoma is a pretty flat state, but I was so happy to see big green and brown fields, with cows or small houses in them. The sun shone down on us the whole day, and the chilly air kept us not too hot and not too cold. 

   The winding and steep road that led us down into the road was... sketchy to say the least.

    Once we parked, we both grabbed our cameras and other gear and got out of the car. This is the part of the wall that we had to climb in order to start our hike. 

lil turd *sigh* <3

    Austin helped guide me through the process of climbing the wall (he's climbed it 7 or 8 times), and I watched him climb up after me like a pro and in about a fraction of the time it took me. We stopped in this spot to film and take some photos, before starting on the hike.

    We made it to one side of the time of this huge rock that we were climbing on. This is were people come to repel off the rock, and there are lines worn down in the rock from their ropes. We stopped here to sit on one of the edges and look down at the car parked in the field and the tree line. 

    Then, we went to the other side. Austin did what he always does when we go to state parks; scare the crap out of me by getting really close to the edge. But, he did get a really cool picture from the edge, so I can understand. We we took pictures of each other, and carved the A + K in a heart (I know, super cheesy. But I like the cheesy). 

    We hiked back, and I had to climb down the wall that I had started on. This experience was scarier than climbing down, but Austin patiently coached me back down, and I didn't fall so I would say it was a success. 

    We stopped in the the clearing right next to the rock wall. We took more pictures of each other, and of course got some photos of the car, which we named the Silver Fox on the drive down. Then decided to drive around the park, passing more rock walls painted a bright orange/yellow by the sun, and campers set up with lawn chairs around them. 

    Our final stop was at the pond. We walked along the grass that wasn't completely submerged in the water, and took more photos. I blew bubbles while Austin got a slow motion video with his phone. 

    On our way out, we stopped at the top to take photos of the horizon of trees. I only got a handful of photos because my memory card was running out of room by this point.

    The sun was setting just as we started our trek home, eating wheat thins and listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The sky was clear of clouds, and a pale blue with warm yellow and orange light coming from the setting sun. The evening haze settled in around the fields and houses in the distance, until finally the sky was dark. I came to the conclusion that the drive home was prettier than the drive to the park. 

    I will be posting the travel vlog that I am going to make from the video we got from this trip, so stay tuned for that!