Jay & Shelby Casperson / Wedding At Lake Texoma

    On April 28th I shot a beautiful wedding held at Lake Texoma by Shelby and Jay, who I had shot engagement photos of back in February. My amazing second shooter, Carissa, and I started the drive to the lake with Redbulls and and snacks. When we got there, we got to work. I stayed with Shelby, the bridesmaids, and the flower girl, while Carissa stayed with Jay and his groomsmen. There was lots of excitement in the air, and of course there is always a little bit of craziness during a wedding. But Shelby's exterior seemed cool as a cucumber the entire time. 

    The wedding went pretty perfectly, except for the rather amusing golf cart and tree incident. But all in all, Jay and Shelby were happy, and there was dancing afterwards.