Freedom Of Expression

    I have been blessed with amazing clients and just as equally amazing collaborators, but one thing that’s become very apparent to me over these past couple weeks is that I, as an artist, need freedom of expression.

    I have started working on two big projects, one called Z O D I A C  (which you can see in my latest blog post), and the other a video project called How To Be Bold. These two projects started with an idea, then the people involved made their magic happen, and boom, things started happening. Those things have led to other creative opportunities popping up, and it's really cool to me to see that happening. I've had SO much fun already, and the projects aren't even finished.     

    For a while before these projects started, I was in the routine of doing client work, posting social media like clockwork (literally every day around 3pm), and scheduling things. Not that it was a bad thing that I was busy filling up my time with those types of things, but I've just noticed that as long as I'm still bringing in more clients and creating more business relationships, my creativity can only flourish by doing more personal projects.   

    Since the start of the year, I've only done one to two at the most TFP (Time For Print) shoots a month. That might be pretty normal for a lot of other photographers. But I would like to do at least two to three TFP shoots, and any other types of personal projects whether they're photo, video, or writing based. 

    Having that freedom of expression, and that environment that invites exploration and crazy ideas, is something that my heart and mind need. That creativity that gets improved by this freedom will bleed over into the work I do for my clients, and better my skills. It's really a win-win situation.

    This is going to be a shorter blog post than what I usually put out, but I just wanted to talk about it an encourage all of you artists to bust your ass getting clients and building your business, but never forget the art that you are passionate about. Do things for your creativity that bring you fulfillment and excitement, even when no one is paying you to do it.

Photo taken by Austin Gonzalez