Our Proposal / Sunrise At Mt. Scott

    On August 25th at 5am, Austin and I headed to Mt. Scott. We had this little road trip planned since early August, and I was so excited that it was finally here. The drive out to Lawton (the town that Mt. Scott is in) feels way different when its the early morning hours and the sun still hasn’t come up. On our drive, we talked about conspiracy theories, Area 51, and how pretty the moon looked; perfect talk for a road trip in the dark. 

    When we arrived, the sun was started to come up but was still covered by blue-grey clouds. We were the first ones to the top, and oh my it was windy. Our car doors slammed shut as we got out, our t-shirts flapping against our skin, and our hair going every direction. In our excitement, we walked around taking pictures and gazing at the rising sun above the lake, and the dark blue clouds behind us. We decided to venture down into the rocks and grassy areas, where we took more photos. 

    Austin and I have a specific pose that we like to do for pictures whenever we’re traveling or exploring (you’ve probably seen it before if you keep up with my blog or my Instagram). Me being me, I said to Austin, “lets do our pose!” So we got into position and he let me take some photos. Then after a moment or two of looking back and forth from the beautiful view to each other, he maneuvered his way down onto his knee, and pulled a ring out from behind his back. I immediately dropped down and squatted in front of him, as he said “Will you marry me?” with a huge smile on his face. The wind was moving all around us and the sun kept rising, but I felt so steady as we laughed, smiled at each other, and kissed. I told him “yes!” after being speechless for a few seconds or so.

    We sat on the rocks for a while longer, talking and watching the video he had taken of the proposal. As I sat there with him, my eyes started to water and I think I started to cry. I was thinking about what had just happened and I played it over again in my head. I was so so happy.

    Eventually, we made our way up to the car and ate our breakfast. Afterwards, we drove down the mountain a little ways and found another spot to explore, which had a great view.

    A couple days before we left for this trip, Austin asked me what spots I wanted to go to while we were there. This view was one of the places I told him. There is a small-ish parking lot off of the main road, and beyond the parking lot is just fields and the hills. We stopped here to take more pictures, being goofy and having an amazing time while doing so.

   After we left that spot, we decided to do more driving around the Wichita Mountains area, and we encountered buffalo, longhorns, prairie dogs, and a snake. We saw more hills, and cute stone houses that were vacant.

    For the rest of that day, we kept saying to each other “We’re engaged now.” with pure excitement and happiness in our eyes. We would look at my ring and just smile with contentment, knowing that we were finally at this stage in our relationship. 

One of the best days of my life.