Year In Review / 2018

2018 was quite the year. I spent most of the first part of the year going on little road trips to parks here in Oklahoma with Austin, who was still just my boyfriend at those times. In March we went to Red Rock Canyon, in May we went to Turner Falls, and in June we went with some friends to the small towns of Picher & Cardin. Then, in August, on our trip to Mt. Scott, Austin proposed. We got married in October, moved into our apartment the next day, and I shot a wedding a few days later. September and October were by far the busiest months of last year! In November, Austin and I traveled with Austin’s family to San Antonio, and the day after Christmas is when Austin and I drove to Arizona for our honeymoon.

Last year wasn’t great for just those reasons. I was able to book four weddings! Even though it’s a small number, it’s still a big accomplishment for my second year in business. I worked with so many amazing couples and families, and four gorgeous brides and handsome grooms. And I’ve worked along side so many talented photographers, artists, models, and creatives. My business has grown so much with the help and support from my clients, fellow photographers and collaborators, and my friends and family.

I also found out that I’m going to be an aunt to two little babies that are coming next year. I can’t wait to meet them, and hopefully become a cool and fun aunt. They are going to be so loved by their families and their aunt Kimera and uncle Austin.

Not everything about last year was fun and easy, though. I had to learn patience and forgiveness, when things got tough. And Austin played a big part in the learning process. For the first half of the year, Austin was working at his old job as a welder, which took him out of state a lot, with only a week or so to be home. It got so close to being too much for me to handle, and after a very difficult phone call, Austin thought it was. But we stuck through it, and in the summer he started working for the Moore Public Schools, which kept him here at home. We even get to eat lunch together most days! I knew what it was like to feel so far away from him, and the closest I’ve ever felt to him in the same year.

So, those were the highlights of my 2018. Here are some pictures (because what’s a new year’s post without some pictures?!)